Operational Policy

This operation policy defines the standards of service operation and details to be followed by the customers in order to consistently cope with potential problems within the service, in the operation of 'SHIFT' brand services provided by JeJecomms Co. Failure to comply with the operation policy may result in disadvantages, so please read them carefully.

JeJecomms Co. strives to improve its policy regarding SHIFT services so that it can establish a reasonable operational policy through continuous exchange of opinions with customers, and in that case, it will be notified in the service announcement at least seven days in advance.

the rights and duties of a member

A. Customer's rights.

Customers can make requests and suggestions, including various inquiries about SHIFT services, through online enquiries and phone consultations.

Consultation hours: 24 hours

[Telephone Counseling] Monthly to Friday (10:00 to 17:00) and Saturday/day/public holidays closed (emergency reporting is accepted 24/7/36)

1.JeJecomms Co. shall not intervene or take action against any disputes arising between customers in SHIFT services or damages caused by their own negligence. However, in the event of damages caused by other customers' violation of the operation policy while using SHIFT service, the customer can request the application of the operation policy by reporting it to JeJecomms Co. JeJecomms Co. can check the reporting details and take action according to the operation policy.

2.If you are dissatisfied with the results of applying the operation policy, you can file an objection through online inquiries and phone consultations at any time.

B. Customer's Duty

The customer shall not engage in activities within SHIFT service that violate related statutes or interfere with normal service use by the service system or other members. In case of prohibited activities, service use of violation/disturbance activities can be limited temporarily and permanently without prior notice to ensure prompt protection of normal use members.

Restrictions on the use of services

A. Activities illegal for reasons of restriction on use

• Promote illegal gambling sites

• Providing information to motivate and execute criminal acts

• In case a program such as malicious code or virus is installed or distributed to prevent a customer from using SHIFT service or to steal the customer's personal information

• Provide information or methods for obtaining other people's works through illegal channels (e.g. free downloads, pre-servers, CD key sharing, etc.)

• unauthorized infringement of trademark rights, chairman's rights, etc. belonging to another's rights

• In case a service is subscribed or used by stealing/defeating other people's personal information, accounts and devices

• intentionally having a business card with incorrect information, doing business, or using it to exchange business cards, etc.

• In addition to the inherent use of SHIFT services, inconvenience or inconvenience other customers

• In addition to the inherent use of SHIFT services, inconvenience or inconvenience other customers

pornographic and adolescent-infested activities

• Sharing information on prostitution

• 타Write a content that can cause sexual shame or discomfort to the person

• Writing pictures or content that are loathsome and frowning to the general public (such as human/an animal carcass or mutilation, scenes of urination/extortion/ murder/suicide, etc.)

discriminatory/conflict-promoting activities

• Write content that discriminates against or promotes prejudice against gender, religion, disability, age, social status, race, region, occupation, etc.

plaiting/advertising/PR/spam activities

• In case commercial content is registered/transmitted or 'requested' for the purpose of advertising/PR/visiting in other people's postings or spaces without the consent of others;

• In case a service is subscribed/activated using a system vulnerability in the service for commercial or promotional/advertising or malicious purposes.

account transaction/transfer/agent/exchange activity

• The act of selling, transferring, leasing, or allowing or attempting to use the account and its contents to others

• An activity to purchase, transfer, or exchange to acquire another person's account and content within the account, or to arrange it to others

•The act of extorting other people's accounts and content from their accounts in the presence of others

activities prohibited by service

• Create a large number of accounts and sign up/departure services that cannot be seen as normal service use, and repeat similar activities

• The act of impersonating a service name or JeJecomms's employees or management personnel in connection with the service to deceive or confuse other customers.

• State officials, police officers, and... The act of making and utilizing business cards for official positions, etc.

• Abnormal activities that run counter to common sense and social norms shared by the company and its customers.

• In case of posting a post that is judged to be false in the name of a media company or in the position of a media company.

• The act of making and using a business card as an illegal element, not providing a business card based on actuality.

B. Types of Restrictions on Utilization

Service Restrictions

• The use of the service is limited temporarily, permanently, or entirely.

account restriction

• All SHIFT services are temporarily and permanently restricted.

Limit subscription/exit

• For some services, re-entry will be restricted for a certain period of time after leaving the service.The use limit is phased out from the temporary limit to the permanent limit, depending on the cumulative extent of the violation activity. Even if these items are not specifically included in the above items, they may be restricted in accordance with the terms and conditions of SHIFT service if they adversely affect the provision of a sound service environment. However, illegal activities such as the intentional, impersonation of government employees or unrelated company names, which are not based on fact, can be permanently restricted at any time, regardless of the cumulative extent of the violation activities. Objection to the usage restriction can be applied at any time through online inquiries and customer center telephone consultation.