Consent to receive marketing information

jejecoms Co., Ltd. receives the recipient's consent to receive advertisement information in accordance with related laws such as the Personal Information Protection Act, the Information and Communication Network Use Promotion Act, and the Information Protection Act.

Transfer method

It can be sent through a member's mobile push notification (Push Notification), email.

Transmission content

The marketing information sent is sent to the recipient in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations with the benefits (events, update notifications, how to use the application), advertising in relation to the mobile business card SHIFT application. However, information that is required to be guided in addition to advertising information will be sent regardless of whether it is accepted or not.

Information on withdrawal

The members may withdraw their consent even after the consent of receipt, and even if they do not agree to receive it, basic services provided by the company may be available and may not receive our marketing information.

Withdrawal method

Announcement date : 2019. 7. 31.

Effective date : 2019. 7. 31.